Mike Reisenleiter

Logistics Director

" Business is not about this quarter's performance, it's about leaving a better world than the one we have today"



Work and play have always been intertwined. From assembling bikes as a teenager to working with top retailers and suppliers in the outdoor industry, his 25+ years experience in product development, business operations, global sales, marketing, and retail make him a valuable asset to organizations worldwide.

Having spent years honing his skills at award-winning manufacturers and retailers,  Reisenleiter knows that active communication, efficient operations, sustainable sales tactics, and shared vision are keys to business success. Whether it is consistent sales growth, sustainable efficiency improvements or leading a global team, Reisenleiter can act as both strategic thinker and as a ground-level expert.

Today, he provides many of the practical tools utilized by Loop Logistics clients. Put another way, Mike builds the bridges from day-to-day functionality to long term operational excellence. Examples of past work include:

– Kanban build queue system for a 4000+ bike build operation (est. scalable to roughly 40,000).

– Demand planning and ordering systems for a high-SKU retail operations.

– Sales reporting for global network of distributors (resulting in a transparent, flexible sales channel in 20+ key international markets)

– Warehouse layout and picking operations for reduced errors and faster order fulfillment.

– Build-up of communications systems from product support engineering to first use (race and retail).