John Warriner

Branding & Marketing

" Do it once, and do it right. Not for ourselves but for others"


John'S BIO

They way we sell brands changes everyday with cultural, trends and even policies.  What we think is the way today can change tomorrow. Staying ahead requires lots of focus, reading and awareness. We saw a huge increase in online shopping during the pandemic. The U.S reported a 20% increase in sales and a 24% increase in importation which as caused major supply issues in many industries.  More and more sales will transition to e-commerce but doing it right is key.  Big marketplace websites like Amazon, have set new standards in expectations with consumers. 

Here is how i have helped many brands meet those expectations…

Starting in late 2011. When shopping for my first new car i could not believe  how painful it was shopping for a vehicle. There was a lack of transparency with information, sales staff were too focused on commission and not listing to the consumers wants and needs. Wealing and dealing was time consuming. 

Motivated to change this way of buying for others. I begun to work with local dealer groups to bridge that connection between the OEM and the consumer to make the buying process as smooth and fast as possible. The less time someone has to think about something the less remorse they feel.  I spent the next 6 years working with Brands like Ford, Honda & Kia to build a strong web presence in online sales for their dealerships. 

Today many of these dealers operate teams as large as 20  internet sales reps with as much as 60% of the revenue from online sales.  For smaller stores monthly income grew to as much as 1million in sales.

I have always had a strong passion for the way we commute on the daily bases and doing it cleaner. My goal with Loop is to work with brands that promote sustainable ways to get around.