Founded in early 2020, Loop Logistics Holdings LTD was formed by a collective team of avid believers of offering the upmost, best customer service selling products that improve our lives & lifestyle choices. 

Our biggest push is to work with brands that we believe offer products that aid towards a more sustainable cleaner and healthy future. 


Think of us as your right hand man, only better because instead of mind you have access to over 30+ years of experience from a team of experts with backgrounds in many different industries. Working with successful brands like… Ford, Trek, Sram & Many more. 

Selling not a product or products but selling your company as a whole. consumers are more brand focused than ever before with marketing campaigns and trends fighting for their business. To stand out you have to be different. 

We build or service brick and mortar stores. Even in todays world we find value in a physical location when it comes to products that need to be experienced. ​

Not only do we help businesses sell products in-store but we aim to make up more than half of the business online too. ​

We have a strong background of being on the other end. Nothing ruins a reputation or retention more than bad feedback & complaints.

Selling product online is just the beginning. With standards set by giant marketplace sites like Amazon. Customers have a much higher expectation than ever before.

We’ll help you take control of your business so it stops running you. Our team has a strong background in operations management.

Connect with our team


Steve Lindenau

33 years of retail experience. Executive positions with big brands such as Trek, Diamondback, BH N.A & Pedego.

Logistics Director

Mike Reisenleiter

20+  years of experience in product development, business operations & global sales, marketing and retail. 

Branding & Marketing

John Warriner

8 Years of retail with 6 years in the Auto industry working with OEM’s & dealers to build-up online retail & finance.

Relations Manager

Jenna Livezey

2 years of product management and quality inspection. 5 years of customer service and relations managment. 

Web development Intern

Alex Chan

Since 13, Alex was deeply invested in reverse software coding. Only 19 now he is now in invested in web development. 

EV Researcher & modeling

Ravi Kempaiah

PhD Energry storage researcher and EV entrepreneur at the University of Chicago. Computational modeling & more.